Monday, March 19, 2018


Away from the everyday lightweight technology stuff we all know, there is some technology-based information which you and I who are not nerds nor
info-tech experts need to know.

These pieces of information (or Technology Hacks as folks in the info-tech circle would term it), if properly applied at when due, can salvage dire situations which (without this knowledge) would have normally caused us to either spend some extra money or discard our gadgets altogether or maybe go through some very uncomfortable form of stress in trying to get it all right.

 Listed in this article are twelve well-researched Technology Hacks for everyone to be in knowledge of. 

You may call these pieces of information First-Layer-Nerd-Tutorials but it does not take too much brainpower to apply the underlisted Technology Hacks effectively to whatever situation or circumstances that warrant their application.


1. Storing batteries in the freezer can double their lifespan.
2. If your mobile phone battery is critically low, do not switch off the phone altogether. Instead put the phone on airplane mode, switching off and on your mobile phone saps, more battery life than your mobile simply put in airplane mode.
3. To download videos free-of-charge from YouTube without any software, go to the address bar of your browser, in there type the letters SS (lowercase) between www. and and you will be forwarded to the developers' page 'savefromnet' from where you can download all YouTube even Facebook videos free-of-charge and free-of-hassles.

4. You can use Google ( as a timer by simply typing the phrase 'Set timer (x) minutes' into Google's search bar.
5. If your computer blocks popular websites such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc., simply switch your browser to Incognito mode and you will gain access almost instantly.
6. If you download a PDF file which ends in a .exe instead of a .pdf extension, delete it immediately as it is a virus.
7. Students who use for their academic work will not get thorough results. The official Google portal for students, teachers and research fellows is as this Google portal is more suited for thorough, in-depth and incisive academic work in any discipline.
8. The computer program DETUNE automatically transfers all songs from your iPod and iPhone to your computer seamlessly.
9. To buy the cheapest airline tickets on the Internet, go online using the incognito mode of your browser. Expensive air tickets show up on normal browsers and go up when the browser is visited multiple times.
10. If your Android smartphone was on vibrate mode and it got lost in your house, simply get another internet connected Android smartphone, go to Google Play > Android Device Manager > Ring. Try to call the lost Android smartphone again and it will ring out from its hidden location.
11. If you accidentally close a tab in your PC browser, reopen it with Ctrl+Shift+T.
12. Achieve 6x faster-charging rate on your iPhone using an iPad charger.

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