Friday, February 02, 2018


A wedding ring is a forged metal, usually, gold which is most widely and traditionally used for these types of rings which depict that the wearer is married. 

Though in wide circulation, gold is not the only metal used to forge wedding rings as other metals are used but imperatively, they must be of valuable quality. Historically the Ancient Egyptians were the first known users of rings at weddings. The later Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations picked the practice of using rings at wedding ceremonies from Ancient Egyptian traditions.

Over the ages, this practice has seeped its way into medieval Europe and found a place in Christian weddings. 

The exact position of wedding rings on the finger does not differ so much among the various cultures and religions of the world as it is usually worn on the 'ring finger' either on the left or right-hand side of one's hands.

What many people do not know is that wedding rings are one of a few special items or ornaments which a prisoner is allowed to wear and also permitted for visitors. 

Most couples have their ring on both day and night, while some pull it off at night before they go to bed (there is no special rule which governs how long or at what periods of the day a person is expected to adorn their wedding ring).

Before World War II, all wedding rings from the ancients were crafted and forged from gold, that luxurious trend had to be altered (although not in entirety) during the Second World War as limited reach to gold halted the vast use of gold and brought to the fore other precious metals which served the same purpose but were cheaper to produce at that time of great scarcity and lack; these types of wedding rings became popularly known as 'Utility' wedding rings. 

The gold weight of today's wedding rings is an aftermath of the measures which came into play during the Second World War. Traditionally, right from the time of the ancients, the weight of gold which was used to forge a wedding ring was 22 carats but the year 1942, saw a turnaround in this custom, as subsequent wedding rings were forged of 9-carat gold.

The following precious metals are used to forge wedding rings, namely:

Yellow gold
White gold
Rose gold
Argentium Silver
Sterling Silver
Tungsten Carbide

It is common practice for the names, wedding date and a very special phrase which the couple hold dear to heart, to be specially crafted or engraved on the inside of the wedding ring. 

The hallmark of every wedding ceremony is the taking or exchange of marital vows, this rite across various traditions and customs is closely followed by the exchange of wedding rings which in many customs is viewed as the exchange of gifts while other customs and traditions see the exchange of wedding rings as the seal of the wedding ceremony. This well-researched article lists 20 of the best topnotch quality and pocket-friendly wedding ring products on the market.


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