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Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is a disease so common these days that it has become a heart-ache to

The disorder (metabolic) called diabetes is caused by the human body's inability to either produce or absorb a vital body hormone called insulin. 

The resultant effect of this human body disorder is the deterioration in the metabolic processing of carbohydrates which spikes the level of glucose in the blood. At the point where the level of glucose in the blood goes high, if left untreated or mismanaged it may lead to other very dire complications like heart disease, eye damage, kidney shutdown, stroke, ulcers, and cardiovascular disorders, ketoacidosis, or even death. Common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, hunger, and very frequent urination.

There are three known types of diabetes, these include:

a. Type 1:

This occurs when one's pancreas refuses to produce insulin or little of it, which causes an imbalance to the total hormonal structure of the person. Thereby giving it its name, juvenile diabetes because it is vastly insulin dependent and its root cause is yet unknown. Diabetes mellitus type 1 conditions are properly salvaged with the regular and proper use of insulin injections aside other medications.

b. Type 2:

This stage in the metabolic disorder of the human body caused by diabetes is a stage where one's body cells begin to respond to insulin inappropriately. Widely called adult diabetes and its causes are traceable to insufficient physical exercise and obesity. With or without insulin, diabetes mellitus type 2 conditions can be properly managed but with focus on maintaining normal body weight which can be achieved either by regular physical exercises, oral medications, or surgery.

c. Gestational DM:

This type of diabetes occurs in pregnant women mostly. Such conditions are referred to as Gestational diabetes when a pregnant woman develops a very high blood sugar level. Most gestational diabetic patients after thorough research and medical investigation, have been found to have no previous history of diabetes. When diagnosed with gestational diabetes, patients need not panic as the condition is properly salvaged and normal health restored awhile after childbirth.

It is adviced that folks should take a closer look at their diet, as a healthy diet accompanied with very regular physical exercise are the best yet known prevention and even treatment of the dreadful disease aside from proper medical attention. 

What most people, especially tobacco product smokers do not know is that tobacco is a major contributing factor to diabetic condition either actively or passively aside from the excess consumption of processed sugar and carbonated drink in any form. For folks living with diabetes, a proper and regular check for full control of one's blood pressure should be maintained while a thorough care should be given to one's feet.

Truth is, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is a fast-rising concern globally, as it has accounted for many deaths over the last few decades, thereby the need for proper care of oneself whether or not diagnosed with the disease. 

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