Thursday, February 01, 2018


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In recent news, a 39-year-old Botswana man, Baruti Goatsemodime (not real names) has divorced his legally married wife of 4 children after copulating with a sex doll he bought from the USA on a recent business trip. 

Mr. Baruti claims that real women were only after his money and usually had lots of diseases to pass around. 

Mr. Baruti Goatsemodime who is a successful car dealer in Gaborone, Botswana, bought a doll worth $2,600 from the United States, claimed that women allegedly failed to satisfy him in bed. 

So after sleeping with his newly acquired sex-doll, he divorced his wife claiming she was no match to the doll when it came to bedroom matters. 

He has since pledged to support his ex-wife and children provided she allows him time to enjoy the sex-doll in peace.

Worthy of note is the fact that, modern-day sex dolls come with very advanced features such as life-like breasts, lips, sounds that mimic those of a real woman and they could be programmed to talk-dirty, with pretty hot and pulsating female genitalia.

To buttress his actions, Mr. Baruti Goatsemodime affirms that he is happy with his investment as sex dolls have no diseases, moods, periods or do not say no to his sexual demands.

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