Friday, February 09, 2018


Moving into a phase of technology where virtually all products are connected to the internet and controlled remotely via smartphones, one stops
to wonder what the world we all live in today will look like or operate in say fifty years from now, which is a not too distant future par say. 

A pressing issue when it comes to human living and existence is the basic necessity called, security and this area of concern has attracted the full weight of the technology community over the last few decades. 

Virtually, most homes today have one or more smart products which they use wholesomely on a day-to-day basis. 

One of such products is what we all know as smart doorbells or ring video doorbells, without much ado, a ring video doorbell works in a triangulated fashion as it through the aid of the internet programmed doorbell sends signals to a smartphone (iOS or Android) in the home or wherever. 

Being that this new-age gadget operates seamlessly using internet network connectivity, the homeowner or whoever is in possession of the configured smartphone gets notified anywhere in the world when a guest approaches the smart doorbell.

To effectively discharge its duty of detecting when a person approaches, video doorbells come with the latest motion sensor technology. 

Smart doorbells do not just end at alerting a homeowner of approaching guests but also leverages the homeowner with the power to both speak with and watch the guest via the app installed on the smartphone of the homeowner.

To effectively function, the video doorbell, on the other hand, uses a custom fitted high-precision microphone and a high-definition camera which is powered by infra-red technology for clear-view night vision. 

To beat your imagination is the fact that most video doorbells can give users more power and control by allowing them to allow guests in and out remotely using the latest smart lock technology which either opens or closes a door remotely from anywhere in the world using the app on the smartphone. 

First of its kind of these range of new age home security gadgets surfaced in 2012 and were designed by James Siminoff under the then popular name Ring Video Doorbell. 

Listed in this well-researched article are 20 of the best smart doorbell products on the market. 

Products listed in this articles aside from being pocket-friendly also rank globally as the most trendy and topnotch quality smart doorbell products on the market.

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