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Sometimes referred to as fitness or workout programs, physical exercise which is largely connected to wellness, stamina-building, anti-aging, muscle-strengthening, weight loss, sports skill enhancement and the full health condition of a person is an or any activity which vigorously maintains, promotes or enhances the physical fitness of a person. 

The place of physical exercise in the eco-system of every active human cannot be overemphasized as it is a known medical fact that regular physical exercises aids in the total eradication and prevention of certain diseases e.g Heart disease, Obesity, stress-related diseases, constipation, and diabetes (type 2). Physical exercise is known to be of very great advantage to humans as it enhances sleep by preventing insomnia, depression and minor mental disorders.

physical exercise equipment product fitness military sports personal

Many people do not know that physical fitness has been known to enhance and regulate fertility in both men and women, while its a popularly known fact that physical fitness promotes and enhances a person's mental state, self-esteem, digestion, and blood circulation. 

Usually referred to in many circles as the wonder drug, physical exercise in many respects promotes socialization as most people prefer to carry out their physical exercise activities outdoors mostly in public and sometimes in groups. There are three major categories of physical exercise, and every bodily activity that goes into enhancing health and physical fitness falls in one way or the other under one or more of these groups.

physical exercise equipment product fitness military sports personal

The three major types of physical exercises include:

a. Flexibility:

These are exercises that work basically at lengthening and stretching a person's muscles. These set of exercise also aid in enhancing joint flexibility and generally improve a person's general range of motion.

b. Aerobics:

These are a range of exercises which force the body to consume more oxygen that it would have normally taken up. Cardiovascular enhancement is the aim of aerobic exercises and while going through aerobic exercises a person tests to see what the breaking point or endurance level of their cardiovascular system.
Aerobic exercises include:

Rope skipping
Tennis play
Slow long distance treks
Brisk walking

c. Anaerobics:

These form of exercises focus their training on strength and stealth. Anaerobic exercises develop and improve a person's resistance, stamina, Bone, and muscle stealth capacity.
Exercises that fall under Anaerobic include:

Weight training
Pull-ups and push-ups
Dumb-bell bicep curls
Eccentric training
Functional and High-intensity interval pieces of training

Anaerobic exercises mostly have very short span effects thereby regular and intense sessions of Anaerobic exercises are required for long-lasting results.
For sportsmen and women, all three types of physical exercise categories are combined sometimes quite intensely for maximum results and high-octane delivery.

physical exercise equipment product fitness military sports personal

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