Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sir Elton John #MusicLegends

Born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25th, 1947, the legendary English musician we all know today as Sir Elton John stands
tall as one of the world's best-selling music stars with over 400 million records sold globally. 

An accomplished composer, singer, producer, actor, and pianist, Sir Elton 'Hercules' John also doubles as one of the world's most consistent music artists whose career professionally in music has spanned over four decades, his groundbreaking 1997 single which was a tribute to the late Princess Diana 'Candle in the Wind' broke records globally by selling over 35 million copies and remains the all-time best-selling single track music in the history of both the US and UK Charts (singles).

A man who aside from music is also obsessed by soccer and at one-time (1976 - 1987) and (1997 - 2002), owned Watford Football Club and is the club's President via Honorium. What many people do not know is that all Sir Elton's musical compositions are not solely his creations as he has worked closely since 1967 with his age-long friend and popular songwriter Bernie Taupin, the duo have worked on over 30 of Sir Elton's albums together.

With rock, R&B, Soft rock, Pop rock and Glam rock as his musical genre of specialty, Sir Elton John has worked with over 11 globally recognized record label through the course of his career, namely:

1.  Congress Records
2.  Philip Records
3.  DJM Records
4.  Uni Records
5.  Paramount Records
6.  MCA Records
7.  Geffen Records
8.  Rocket Records
9.  Island Records
10. Def Jam Records

Born and raised in Pinner, London, Sir Elton at a very tender age learned to play and became pro-efficient on the piano. 

Together with his age-long friend Bernie Taupin (who he met through a songwriters advert in London in 1967) wrote songs for other musicians for two years from which they went on to become very successful session and backup musicians till Sir. Elton hit the limelight in 1970 with a single tracker from his second album 'Elton John' titled 'Your Song' hit the US AND UK top 10.

A winner of 5 Grammy Awards and many nominations, Sir Elton John was commissioned with composing the music for movies Aida, The Road to Eldorado, Friends (1971), Lestat, Gnomeo and Juliet, Lion King and Billy Elliot. 

Ranking third behind the Beatles and Madonna, Sir Elton John has his place on the All-Time Billboard Hot 100 Music Artistes.

Aside from being a holder of the prestigious OBE (British National Award) A favorite of the British Royal Family, Sir Elton has performed at various royal events including:

1. The funeral of Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey (1997)
2. Party at the Palace (2002)
3. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert, Buckingham Palace (2012). 

Married to Renate Blauel in 1984 and divorced, 1988, Sir Elton John in 1988 declared openly to being gay and on December 21, 2014, Sir Elton got married to David Furnish in a civil marriage. 

In a rather shocking announcement on 24th January 2018 an announcement was made to the effect that Sir Elton John would embark on a 3-year farewell tour to mark his exit from active service in music; first of the concerts is billed to take place in Pennsylvania on September 8, 2018.

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