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best websites blogs pay writers freelanc  guest writing paying

Getting started as a Freelance writer is usually difficult as there actually many stumbling blocks at the very beginning. Many freelance writers have the one problem of getting
paid to write online. The problem usually lies in the fact that the right kind of writing jobs or even clientele do not show up at the start. 

This article will reveal 10 secret websites that pay good cash for both articles and content

best websites blogs pay writers freelanc  guest writing paying

As a starter-blogger, it is evident that one's blog or site has not at that point got to stand on its own feet. The mere fact that your blog has not made its own fame yet puts one in the labor market to write for other blogs. It is fine to conduct a search online that pops up with all of the great Freelance websites but to be successful writing on the internet one must look beyond these traditional websites like,, etc. This article will focus solely on fellow blogs that are doing real fine but pay fellow bloggers and Freelance writers to write for them or what we professionally call Guest posting/writing. Most of these blogs aside from pay guest-writers they also make their blogs famous by allowing guest-writers to add links to their own blogs or a profile badge which whether one likes it or not drives some amount of traffic to the guest writers blog or website.

best websites blogs pay writers freelanc  guest writing paying

Below is a list of blogs that pay guest-writers for content.

1. Entrepreneur:

The entrepreneur is an e-magazine that pays $1 per word to guest writers who can churn high-grade business-related content and they offer guest-writers the space to grow.

2. AppStorm:

AppStorm is a community of both developers, writers and also users of software across all platforms mobile and PC.

The blog pays $60 per 1000 word article. 

3. Michelle Pippin:

Michelle Pippin pays between $50-$150 per business related article which motivates its readers on money-making ventures or investment related articles.

Pay: $50 – $150

4. Back-To-College:

This website is solely dedicated to grown-ups who are looking at going back to college. Guest-writers who seek to submit articles here should dwell on educational related articles that address older/matured college students.

They pay $55 for original articles of 1000 - 1500 words.

5. LabMice:

LabMice is a community of I.C.T experts that seek the very best from the industry. Guest-writers who wish to make some cash on LabMice should be able to dole out rich premium content.

LabMice pays guest writers between $50 to $100 per 1000 - 1500 word article. 

Guest-writers on LabMice dwell basically on the following tech-areas computer security, networks, technology project coordination, windows servers/programming etc., what more do you expect from a website started by an actual I.T guru.

6. Fantasy-Scroll-Magazine:

Fantasy Scroll Magazine is the few online fiction websites that actually take on horror in its categories. Guest-writers who seek to make some good money on Fantasy Scroll Magazine should try as much as possible to avoid 'gore' related phrases or words.

They pay $5 for Fiction and $10 for articles that bother on short stories.

7. Family-Tree-Magazine:

Family Tree Magazine is an online family-life publication. Guest-writers writing for the e-magazine focus more on well research family-style articles that border on day to day running of the home with involves all members of the household. Some other guest-writers dwell basically on the historical part of family life and style. 

Payment on Family Tree Magazine varies and it is not specific but their pay is good.

8. The Penny Hoarder:

This is one massive website that attracts nothing less than about 10 million unique visitors monthly. Guest-writers on The Penny Hoarder website pay more focus on ways to save the slightest dime on all and every day to day shopping and transactions.

The Penny Hoarder pays $75 for 800 to 900-word articles.

9. The-Motley Fool:

If you are a frequent internet surfer you must have stumbled on the all-powerful and famous financial blog 'The Motley Fool'. This a battlefield for the who-is-who in the guest-writing world as writings spots is always under competition due to the opportunities that abound when writing for the mega website either hire or on a Freelance basis. The Motley Fool is more like an online corporation or chain store as it offers coverage in other languages, thereby giving international writers from other countries to write in their native languages and thereby affording them the leverage to also earn from the website.

The Motley Fool pays $100 per article, the website also hires writers full time for a much higher pay.

10. Gawker Media Group:

This is a news website which also collects essays and short stories. Gawker Media sees its reportage as 'Conversational Journalism'. Guest-writers who wish to write for Gawker Media will need to contact them via email for payment details as they keep and maintain a close-knit personal relation with guest-writers on their website.

In summary, the above-listed websites and blogs should put the guest-writer on a pedestal to start earning from their time online via their writing skills.

The websites and blogs list here use most of the available online formats of payments and are open to international writers, including Nigerians. 

To be successful as an online guest-writer, time is of an essence as Freelancers with high-level typing speed make a killing from writing for blogs and websites online.

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