Tuesday, January 02, 2018

FAIRUZ #MusicLegends

Born on November 21, 1934, as Nouhad Wadie Haddad but professionally known as Fairuz but spelled as Fayrouz, Feyrouz or Fairouz in other quarters, this versatile Lebanese female singer is one of the region's most acclaimed singers of all time.

Fairuz stands as a well acknowledge music icon both in the Arab world and globally. Born in Zuqaq al-Blat, Beirut, State of Greater Lebanon, in Lebanon to a rather conservative Lebanese Christian Orthodox family (Maronite Christians), Her father (Wadi) worked in a print shop as a typesetter while her mother (Lisa) was a stay-at-home-mom.

Fairuz later converted to become an Eastern Orthodox Christian, this decision was influenced by her marriage to the very man who vastly contributed to her musical success, Assi Rahbani (One of the popular Rahbani Brothers), what many do not know is that Fairuz is the proud mother of Lebanese musical genius, the popular composer, playwright, music arranger and pianist Ziad Rahbani, late movie director, Layal Rahbani, popular musician Haley Rahbani and popular Lebanese movie director Rima Rahbani. 

Fairuz majors in Arabic music and has taken the musical genre to the world. Fairuz's musical prowess was discovered at a very tender age, although was a very shy child and did not have friends during her younger days but was very close friends with her grandmother who she confided in greatly. Fairuz at age 10 was popular in school as a unique singer with a rather unusual voice.

Fairuz performed regularly at school shows and events and she was known to keep her audience spell-bound for minutes on end. In 1950, Fairuz was noticed and picked by popular musician, Mohammed Flayfel, who happened to attend an event in her school where her sonorous voice caught his rapt attention. 

She was first recognized internationally at the International Festival of Baalbeck in 1955. She became a regular in other editions of the Festival where she featured prominently in the 'Lebanese Nights' part of the Festival which has earned her the enviable title of 'Ambassador of the Arabs'. During the course of her musical career, Fairuz has affected the polity of her country positively with her music, as her music widely hinges on political thoughts, plots, and its diverse intrigues. Fairuz through the course of her career has been signed on to the best record labels globally which include EMI, Voix de l'Orient, Virgin and her own topnotch Fayrouz Entertainment. She, during the course of her career, has worked very closely with Rahbani brothers and has collaborated with other music stars worldwide which include Najib Hankash, Mohammed Mohsen, Zaki Nassif, Umm Kulthum, Riad Al Sunbati, she has has over 1500 songs to her name and only 800 of these have been officially released. 
In 1971, Fairuz went on a tour of North America which was a breakthrough for her musical career internationally, in 1975 made her first European TV appearance on French TV on May 24 where she performed her song Habbaytak Bissayf on the Numero 1 show.
Fairuz has worked professionally with her son Ziad Rahbani since 1979 and he has been in charge of all her musical productions, promotions and management till this day.

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