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parfum perfume perfumer aromatic scent fashion trends

Perfume in English and Parfum in French is a combination of solvents, aromatic chemicals, and essential oils used to enhance a person's scent pleasantly. 

Perfumes date back to early human civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Persia, and India) has evolved over the centuries to include the use of synthetic chemical compounds to achieve same and even better quality results than the ancient perfume production methods (which through archaeological findings and ancient writings) which were cumbersome.

parfum perfume perfumer aromatic scent fashion trends

Modern-day perfumes come in liquid form and a far cry in purity, efficacy and content from what the earliest known perfumer, 'The Scent Queen' Tapputi, of 2nd Millenia BC Mesopotamia, distilled, which composed basically of aromatics, calamus, flowers and essential oils and her method of production which took quite a long period of time and energy includes crushing, milling, extracting, filtering and refiltering. 

Today, perfumery is a multi-billion dollar global business which in time past was solely controlled and supervised by and for royal and elite families worldwide.

The fashion world has made perfumes a vital accessory for every fashion-conscious person out there today and talking of fashion, virtually everyone globally is fashion-minded in one way and another making perfumes a must-have for most people today. 

parfum perfume perfumer aromatic scent fashion trends

Aside from fashion-consciousness, it is in every human nature to scent nice and pleasant unless in exceptional cases which bother on adverse psychological, religious, or mental conditioning which to normal human thesis is deemed abnormal. Perfumes vary in quality and this in many ways than one, reflects on the price-tag attached to each perfume product. Listed below is a well-researched list of the best 20 trending perfumes worldwide.

This article aside from listing the best and trending perfume products also looks into the most pocket-friendly prices, deals and discounts for the best range of perfume products there is on the market today. The under-listed perfume products cover the various types of perfumes which include:

  • Perfume Extract, Pure Perfume or simply Perfume
  • Eau de Parfum, Parfum de Toilette or Millesime
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Mists, Splashes or Veil


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