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B.B. King #MusicLegends

One of the most acclaimed music legends globally is Mr. Riley B. King who we all know today as B.B. King. 

Born on September 16, 1925, B. B. King who doubles as influential American guitarist, singer, FAA
certified pilot, Philanthropist, record producer, and songwriter who brought to the music scene a brand of guitar solo-play that not only influenced the Blues musical circle but other musical genres as well. B. B. King's exclusive grand style of string bending has influenced generations of guitarists, who blend his style of guitar play with other styles to achieve genius-like string sounds. Born in Berclair, Mississippi on a cotton plantation and grew up as a worker on other cotton plantations, B. B. King was greatly influenced to tow the path of music in the church where his learned to play the guitar and also performed before hitting the road to perform openly at joints and on the local radio. 

Sometimes called King of the Blues, B. B. King during the course of his very active musical career worked very hard and rather tirelessly with appearances at over 200 musical concerts a year and it is on record that in the year 1956, King played 342 musical shows. 

With over 50 awards and accolades to his name the great legend, B. B. King, recorded his first songs under RPM Records in 1949 and somewhere around the 1950s put together his own musical band called the 'B. B. King Review' which set out by touring most states south of the U.S.A.

Famous among many adventurous stories of this great music legend is the story of 'the brawl', during one of his shows at a club in Twist, Arkansas, two men began to fight over a woman named Lucille and as fate would have it a huge fire broke out which made everyone in the building scamper for saftety away from the inferno, although King at first impulse did run with the crowd out of the building, on realizing he did not have his guitar on him he brazened himself and returned into the inferno to rescue his guitar which he called 'Lucille' and which followed him (even till his dying days) around to any show or concert he later played even if he had to play on other guitars.

B. B. King hit the limelight nationally on February 1952 when his popular song '3 O'Clock Blues' hit number one place on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues chart and after that worked pretty hard to maintain the spot with other chartbusters some becoming global hits.

Ranked among the 100 guitarists of all time, King, in 1963 became a certified FAA private pilot. 

Delving into the legend's personal life, King had been through two failed marriages which did not produce any children but had through the course of his life fathered over 15 children from different other women, all of whom he accepted, and took very good care of by setting up trust-funds in their names.

King, who was diabetic began to suffer from diabetes, cardiac-related and high blood pressure complications in and around 2014, which culminated in his peaceful death at age 89 on May 14, 2015.

Below is a collection of the music legend, B. B. King's studio albums:

Singin' the Blues - 1956
The Blues - 1958
B.B. King Wails - 1959
King of the Blues - 1960
Sings Spirituals - 1960
The Great B.B. King - 1960
My Kind of Blues - 1961
Blues For Me - 1961
Blues in My Heart - 1962
Easy Listening Blues - 1962
B.B. King - 1963
Mr. Blues - 1963
Confessin' the Blues - 1966
Blues on Top of Blues - 1968
Lucille - 1968
Live & Well - 1969
Completely Well - 1969
Indianola Mississippi Seeds - 1970
B.B. King in London - 1971
L.A. Midnight - 1972
Guess Who - 1972
To Know You Is to Love You - 1973
Friends - 1974
Lucille Talks Back - 1975
King Size - 1977
Midnight Believer - 1978
Take It Home - 1979
There Must Be a Better World Somewhere - 1981
Love Me Tender - 1982
Blues 'N' Jazz - 1983
Six Silver Strings - 1985
King of the Blues: 1989 - 1988
There Is Always One More Time - 1991
Blues Summit - 1993
Lucille & Friends - 1995
Deuces Wild - 1997
Blues on the Bayou - 1998
Let the Good Times Roll - 1999
Makin' Love Is Good for You - 2000
Riding with the King (with Eric Clapton) - 2000
A Christmas Celebration of Hope - 2001
Reflections - 2003
B.B. King & Friends - 2005
One Kind Favor - 2008

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