Monday, December 11, 2017


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Binary Options (FOREX) platforms are exquisite spots online where one can change one's financial story for good. 

Many success stories have emerged from the online trend of what some will call
financial betting; although it is a win-lose situation where the winner takes all and the loser is left with nothing, proper information, eyes on details, and eagle-eye focus on daily market trends could pull the odds in a trader's favor.

Online binary options platforms can be highly profitable with single traders raking in as much as $50,000 to $900,000 or more annually. 

Prospective traders are advised to spend adequate time to study, comprehend and flow with the chart to make a profit but above all, a keen and sharp mind is sometimes or most times all you need to make that break in dealing.

Market moves are necessary factors which have to be taken note of. A misconception went rife in the 1990s which made people think that making money from trading on Binary options was very easy by with setting trade and leaving it for long hours without going to check up on what direction their bids were going; these culminated in massive losses that ran them bankrupt, when investing in the financial markets, stringent care, precaution, and wisdom aside from knowledge must be applied to avoid irreconcilable losses.

Day trading is what trading in short gasps is called, it is a wise step in the right direction to day-trade. It is not advisable during day-trading for the trader to leave their bids open for too long but constant checks and counter checks when applied with a study of the market indices flow chart, puts a trader in a very safe position.

Traders should be informed that it is also very important when setting up their target to place their risk/reward ratio to say 3:1, this a professional stand-point to dealing as the binary options platform needs to be configured before a trade.

There is a popular trading slogan which goes "Plan your trades, then trade your plan", to having a high level of patience. 

Patience is key and an additional insight to take note of is that successful traders don't usually trade by day, instead they keep checking on the market index flow chart during the day, but they begin trading when their part of the world is asleep.

In all circumstances should traders trade with only money they can lose, to be a binary options trader requires a high level of discipline as a trader should know when to call out.

binary options platform foreign exchange forex meta trader forex trading stocks financial markets

The idea of an autopilot or auto trade software should be taken off the mind of any trader who wants to be successful at trading in the financial market, this has ruined and caused many over-ambitious traders to go bankrupt, while many traders who had placed all their hope, trust, life savings and investment to autopilot software had sad stories to tell in the end.

This is to let traders know that if the well-trained experts and professionals at the top financial institutions across the world including Central Banks, Stock Exchanges etc. do not commit their trading to the hands of any software, traders should desist as using autopilot software is bad industry practice and should be discouraged in its entirety.

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