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traffic generating secret for bloggers

A blog is malnourished if it does not get a healthy audience; blogging boils down to generating readers to blog posts and being able to retain this audience as a possible sales lead.
Driving traffic to one's blog takes different
dimensions but all road lead to one sole purpose;
Under listed are smart ways to get readers to link back to blog posts.


Google is superb and great to generate a unique traffic base which will remain loyal. A Google account should afford a blogger the luxury of creating circles on Google+ and after posting content, this could be syndicated around the Google+ circles. Google circles also enjoy the benefit of the recommend button on Blogspot platforms, this tool shares even with followers of members of the circle.


The Twitter Code is a simple technique using the social media network Twitter to generate meaningful traffic to one's blog. With a registered Twitter account follow other accounts with huge followership base (not necessarily verified but if verified, that would be excellent); after posting pick the post's URL and share to these accounts tagging their twitter handles in each tweet e.g @potus @whlive @flotus @CNN @BBC @nbc etc.


Using hashtags on social media networks e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc should not be overlooked as hashtags are yet another source of traffic generation.

For example, when posting to Facebook a blogger should use a short but detailed hashtag to represent blog posts
#JobSearch #FreeJobHuntAndroidApps #FreeJobSeekersAndroidApps


External links are web links to either other blogs or websites that a blogger users in their posts for readers to connect back-to-back to and from other websites.
External links in posts are weblinks which have been cloaked with a relevant word but highlighted and is clickable.

5. USE AddThis:

A blogger who wants to maximize the inflow of traffic to their content should not throw away the importance of using external plug-in social media network share button, and great for this task is AddThis which can be downloaded via, after registration the blogger should tentatively follow the step by step instructions on how to integrate the code into their blogs.

AddThis has a user-friendly interface that is responsive, if readers find the blog content valuable they can share external and with ease to either Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.


Yet another great community but this time, a community of like minds, a community of bloggers. Triberr affords bloggers the liberty of exchanging content and tagging their followers along in what content comes their way, register via


DIGG is also a great tool for getting link-backs, register via to be part of a community of folks who want to readily read rich content and possibly follow such the blog loyally. DIGG, in other words, is like an online kindle that assembles stories manually via bloggers who post them on for ready readers to read.

DIGG has succeeded in being a stop blogger and audience exchange point; this fast-growing website also affords users the luxury of sharing whatever post is read externally.


In addition to all of the free offers posted above, it is recommended a blogger sets aside money for SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK SPONSORED POSTS, with focus on primarily Twitter and Facebook which could deliver the highest turnover of traffic if this technique is applied.
The technique uses generic demographic advertising to reach unique first-time readers of a blog's content, bloggers are advised to put their house in order before employing this technique as rich and valuable content along with retaining a loyal audience.

Finally, in addition to the above listed tips, let it be worthy of note that making a blog mobile-friendly is also in the cards for getting link backs, while bloggers should also see sharing, commenting and being active on other blogs and forums as another very important yardstick to generating that loyal unique audience; Bloggers can also check out which is a rather new hub for exchange of web pages but careful scrutiny of the website should put any blogger inline with its functionalities.

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