Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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This was a music artist of repute years back, the pride
of the Calabar people of Cross River in Nigeria and the golden voice in Efik language. 

His songs are still very much in vogue even now as every social event
features his evergreen tunes despite the fact that he passed on in the
late 70s. He was a director and shareholder at Decca & Afrodisia
Records Company. Chief Inyang Henshaw will continue to be missed by all
who love Highlife music in Nigeria & beyond.

He hailed from the Henshaw Royal family of Creek town in Calabar, Nigeria a ruling house of repute.

 Chief Inyang Nta Henshaw was a great influencer of the then Highlife
Maestro Rex Jim Lawson; may his royal soul rest in peace.

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