Tuesday, January 09, 2018


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The time people spend on a blog translates to the quality of material its author
churns out.

It is not just enough to set up a blog with great design and flashy themes; it also boils down to what content the blogger creators for their audience. Audience time on the blog is very important because it is a virtually clear statement of what an audience feels about an author/content creator/blogger.

To access the average time an audience spends on a blog, a blogger should utilize the aid of GOOGLE ANALYTICS, bloggers should get full information about their traffic and its behavior which includes average read time via AUDIENCE >> OVERVIEW ON GOOGLE ANALYTICS.
The below tips should guide and structure a blogger on how to retain traffic, create a followership base and make the audience to always come back for content.


The blogger should increase the font size on their blog if it is small, putting into consideration the fact that many readers have low visibility. Bloggers should break large paragraphs into easy to read bits, also they should break their articles into multiple sections, heading, paragraphs, bulleted lists, and lots of white space.


A blogger should keep in mind that blog design is also a key factor that keeps an audience entranced which reading content. The design concept of a blog works on the subliminal side of the audience to the blog. A simple but colorful not over pronounced design would do for that classy and tasteful look.


 A Blogger should take time out to create quality and well-researched content for their blog posts.


Bloggers should endeavor to add high-resolution images to their blog posts or content; all blog audiences don't only look out for real good text-based content they also look out for descriptive graphical representation in the form of images. That is why great blogs and websites use large format images to represent their content graphically.


Bloggers should try as much as possible to customize the images they post using watermarking tool or using a text to picture tool that can make, for example, the name of the blog, or blog web-address or any other short description on the image to look faint; examples of such tools are Picasa, CANVA or PiktoChart.


It is important that bloggers should own a YouTube account, as this will translate to even more traffic. Instead of posting videos directly to one's blog, one's YouTube channel videos could be used be used on the blog instead.


In adding videos, bloggers have raised the average mark of their blog, it is no longer news that viewers from around the world spend millions of hours watching YouTube videos, these views with the aid of a YouTube Channel can be converted to one's blog as meaningful traffic.


 Bloggers should use lots of links from their pastor relevant posts on a new post as this will both increase viewers stay on one's blog and increase SEO ranking for the blog.


This is a great way to gain viewer patronage, as a blogger should create incentives on post and content once in a while. This includes creating a post that stops halfway to continue upon clicking on a link to get to its end.


Bloggers should also use external linking of their blog post because the audience knows that no one knows it all, thereby they will either stay longer to checkup more posts or definitively come back for more stuff.


Bloggers should endeavor to post commentable content; a blogger should create interactive content which will engage their audience to comment builds a good relationship between audience and author.


Bloggers should endeavor to add success stories to their blogs, this will increase audience time on their blog.


Bloggers should increase their interaction with an audience by responding to emails, instant messaging chats, and on-site comments. An audience who are loyal want to interact with the author of the excellent content which they come time after time to read, a blogger must adapt to this.


Bloggers should inspire a sense of trust and belong in the audience-base by putting up a credibly descriptive public or social friendly profile.


Bloggers should from time to time create blog posts that inspire fun and recreation, this loosens up the atmosphere on one's blog and creates a relaxed ambiance for the audience to check out more posts on the blog.

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