Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Xian Xinghai (Sinn Sing Hoi) #MusicLegends

Popularly called Sinn Sing Hoi, Xian Xinghai (June 13, 1905 - October 30, 1945) was one of the greatest musical geniuses of his time who massively influenced the music trend of his time and the future.

Xian Xinghai was a Chinese composer and arranger of repute who experimented at fusing western classical music style into traditional Chinese music to create his own unique genre of oriental classical music which changed the whole face of traditional Chinese music to this day.

Xian Xinghai has over 300 songs to his credit but he is best known for his epic masterpiece 'Yellow River Cantata' which is the foundation for the popular Yellow River Concerto which finds its place on the playlist of all symphonies and orchestras the world over to this day.

Xian Xinghai who family tree hails from the Canton area of Guangdong Province in China was born in Macau but was quite unfortunate not to see his father as he had died before Xian's birth. 

He moved with his mother to Singapore where he spent the earlier part of his life.

Sinn Sing Hoi's musical talent was discovered by his Primary school teacher, Ou Jianfu, who immediately enrolled him into the Yangzheng Primary School military band where Sinn became professionally trained in musical instruments and rudimentary music. 

Sinn returned to China to join the National Music Institute in 1926 at the Peking University where he studied Music and afterwards he gained admission into the Shanghai Conservatory of music in 1928 to study piano and violin.

Sinn Sing Hoi afterwards travelled out of the country to forge a very successful career as a composer of repute.

In 1935, Xian Xinghai returned to China to take part in the fight against the occupation of China (Manchuria region) by Japan, using his music and global reputation. Xian Xinghai is best known for the active part he took during the Sino-Japanese War of 1937 - 1945, he composed songs that went viral nationally which motivated the Chinese to protect their homeland and resist the incoming Japanese invasion, they include:

  • The Vast Siberia
  • Saving The Nation
  • Song of Guerillas
  • Go to the Home Front of the Enemy
  • Non-Resistance the Only Fear
  • The Roads Are Opened by Us
  • Children of the Motherland
  • On the Taihang Mountains

Many people say Xian Xinghai was instrumental to his death as became overly busy towards the end part of his life because he was in high demand globally by Film studios.

Xian Xinghai's prowess at composing epic scores for motion picture was unparalleled but quite, unfortunately, Xian died at age 40 from pulmonary tuberculosis and malnutrition due to overwork and lack of personal care.

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