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weather forecast with radar and satellite map android apps

In general respect, when the atmospheric condition of a particular place is predicted in-line with time using scientific methods, it is called weather forecasting. To successfully predict the weather condition of a particular place at or for a given time, data collection is always a vital key as the current atmospheric conditions of the place needs to be observed dutifully overtime to accentuate authoritatively the types of changes that occur and at what time(s) this happens; usually the scientific method called 'meteorology' is sometimes implemented for more accurate and precise data.

weather forecast with radar and satellite map android apps

 During such studies, the chunks of informative data collected are properly documentation, these, in-time become useful to the public for forecasting the weather condition(s) of a particular place, for that particular time. Although this field of science has been actively implemented over thousands of years, it became officially recognized as a bona fide field of study in the 19th century.

Today, weather forecasting is basically conducted using advanced technology, this was not so before the advent of the computer-age as all data were based purely on mental judgments and crude calculations with little or no tools for precise accuracy. 

weather forecast with radar and satellite map android apps

The coming of the computer technology saw man make remarkable leaps in weather forecasting, although today, human input is still needed to get perfectly accurate weather forecasting results ( a major reason for the addition of human intelligence when forecasting weather lies greatly in the atmosphere's overly chaotic nature as computer programs basically operate using set rules and in most cases may find it difficult to adapt to the little changes that may occur during certain atmospheric changes. One of the major uses and importance of forecasting weather is to protect man.

weather forecast with radar and satellite map android apps

The atmosphere as we all know over time changes with a very short notice which in most cases can cause grievous disaster. Innumerable human lives have been saved due to advanced weather forecast warnings against natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, sandstorms etc. using state-of-art technology which extends to mobile devices. Today, Android smartphone users can enjoy high-end weather forecasts from virtually any point on the globe.

 Listed below are 5 of the best weather forecasting Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


A Google Editor's Choice weather forecasting, radar map, natural disaster alerts and temperature monitor App, Accuweather delivers accurate real-time weather report on-the-go. The App is designed to work seamlessly not only with all smartphones but other devices as well. With accurate precision, the App delivers precipitation predictions which aligns with the exact geolocation of the user utilizing the power GPS coordinates. Accuweather comes in 33 different languages and it also utilizes the push notification technology to alert users to temperature change, disaster and extreme atmospheric conditions. The App auto-updates every 15 minutes to serve users with the latest weather reports while it also provides users with accurate local weather content for five days ahead. Accuweather is designed to store in-app unlimited number of locations for future weather and atmospheric related use and reference when needed. Users can onscreen get analytic graphical weather reports and assessment for data collation while the App's radar platform offers users with HD satellite images of their geolocation.


Weather Underground, boasts of being the first online weather forecasting service. Established in 1995, the company today services millions of users worldwide including a host of the world's top media houses with their topnotch real-time weather forecasting software and data solutions for weather report gathering and collation, which is installed both on the website and in the Android App. Weather Underground comes with the latest hyper-location and radar precision Android technology for weather forecasts. Weather Underground is basically an interactive user-friendly App with localizes weather forecast reports and content for on-the-go usage. The App comes with GPS satellite imagery for users to get updated and real-to-life weather situation reports. Weather Underground furnishes users with weather forecasts of up to 10 days ahead with hour-to-hour accurate daily weather situation reports. With a forecast-on-demand function which allows users to tap into the interactivity of the App's highly animated interface. Weather Underground comes with a pre-installed weather service radio which is connected to over 250,000 weather stations globally to provide users with an on-the-go geo-localized weather situation report. Weather Underground is designed to deliver push notification alerts to users whenever there is an abrupt weather change or looming disaster.


The Weather Live App comes with accurate pressure and precipitation information which allows users to get real-time weather forecast data and reports. The App comes pre-installed with a custom rain map and geo-location adjustable weather radar system. The Weather Live App comes complete with a user-friendly live graphical and animation interface for users to enjoy a real-to-life-like experience in-app. The App delivers real-time wind direction, speed and course with a detailed widget for users to see all they need to without opening the App. The App delivers on-the-go push notifications to users in any advent of weather change or disaster. The App gathers its precision from GPS Satellites for users to get updated weather forecast reports on-the-go.


1Weather is an on-the-go weather forecast App which allows users to keep track of weather conditions both locally and globally. With a powerful precipitation, temperature and pressure radar system that keeps users informed of the latest atmospheric conditions of their local surrounds in real-time. The App allows users to interactively access a vast database of different weather reports from all around the world. 1Weather delivers on-the-hour weather updates with a 10 day extended forecast from all over the world. 1Weather sends push notifications to users in the advent of abrupt weather change or disasters like storms, hurricanes, whirlwinds, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes etc. Current weather reports like wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, Ultra-Violet index, solar intensity, barometric pressure, dew point index, visibility etc. The App comes with a real-time real-to-life interactive satellite imagery and adjustable zoom modes with a graphical representation of weather report data for proper analysis by users.


Flowx is one weather forecast App that best suits travelers. Aside from being a powerful weather forecast tool, the App also acts as a GPS pointer for geo-navigation. Intact with weather prediction for crisis and impromptu weather change, the Flowx App allows users to seamlessly enjoy interactivity on its lushly animated platform. An easy-to-use App, Flowx, delivers push notifications for temperature, barometric, wind, humidity, UV, solar, lunar and visibility changes on-the-hour. Flowx users can enjoy an accurately laid out local geolocational weather prediction analysis which they can either choose to view as satellite imagery in an animated pane or as a radar map with graph reports for users to get more in-depth analysis.

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