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satch satchmo pop louis armstrong jazz dixieland new orleans mississippi kid ory


Born, on 4, August 1901 - 6, July 1971; Louis Daniel Armstrong was a versatile American musician who majored on the trumpet. 

Being a trend influencer of his time, Satchmo (as he was popularly called) had a musical career that spanned five decades and adversely affected the general history of the music genre called Jazz.

satch satchmo pop louis armstrong jazz dixieland new orleans mississippi kid ory

Born in New Orleans to a prostitute mother and a ghost-mode father, Louis Armstrong grew up under the care of his grandmother. 

Satchmo had a rather rough upbringing as his journey through life saw him having to work his ass off at the tender age of six as a coal salesboy, at age eleven Satchmo was bounded of to a juvenile reform school where he was sentenced after being arrested for shooting a gun into the air. Prior to his detention, he had started learning how to play the cornet. There in the juvenile reform school Satchmo played and grew in ranks to lead the school's band, it was here his musical talent was discovered and he was groomed and taught music by Peter Davis. A couple of years later, Louis Armstrong regained his freedom and was posted to stay his father and his stepmother (who were not too comfortable living with a son who had begun his life as a convict of sorts), Satchmo was later returned to his mother. At this point in his life, the teenager Satchmo knew it was music for him or nothing and he began music mentorship and training under Bunk Johnson. The adventurous Louis Armstrong armed with his musical gift and a versed knowledge on the subject matter began to play the trumpet in street bands which saw him being invited over to play at clubs for pay and it was a shocker for him when he got his first invite to play for riverboat cruises which brought better pay and more fame.

His first stable job as a musician was on a Steamer Boat which traversed the Mississippi River, playing in its Fate Marable music band it was at this point that Satchmo drew the eye of the popular Kid Ory.

satch satchmo pop louis armstrong jazz dixieland new orleans mississippi kid ory

The 1920s took a different turn as a young and vibrant Louis Armstrong revolutionized the music scene with is a brand of Dixieland jazz music which vastly influenced the jazz culture of the time. Armed with his trumpet, the creatively inventive Satchmo took the magic out of the then popular 'Group Improvisation' order of music rendition to giving the solo performance a star place in music history.

Satchmo rose to rule the Jazz scene with his powerful and uniquely husky voice along with trumpet solos that kept his audience spellbound and always yearning for more.

satch satchmo pop louis armstrong jazz dixieland new orleans mississippi kid ory

Satchmo had the following musical albums to his credit:

  • Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions
  • Red Onions Jazz Babies
  • Potato Head Blues
  • Louis Armstrong Plays W.C Handy
  • Ella and Louis
  • Satch Plays Fats
  • Hello Dolly
  • Stardust
  • What a Wonderful World
  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • Ain't Misbehavin'
  • You Rascal You
  • Stompin' at the Savoy
  • We Have All the Time in the World

Before his death at the hands of Cardiac arrest, Louis Armstrong had cut across influencing just Jazz music to be a great influencer of the trending Pop culture of the day.

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