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photo editor image editing selfe camera android photograph edit app

Also called photo manipulation, editing of photos involve enhancing, altering, metamorphose and adding effects to photos be they digital (using graphics software tools to edit softcopy versions of a photo before they most times get finally printed or used in the softcopy state) or analog photos ( this includes using airbrushes and other tools to edit illustrations
, traditional photos or retouching/remodelling most hardcopy art or photography mediums. Photo editing in the context of this article will primarily address the software editing part of editing photos which has to do with using 3D modeling, vector, raster, and graphics software tools. A typical photo editor should come with the following features:


The Lasso tool allows editors to freehandedly select whole or portions of a given region for editing.


This function uses the effects of color in a pane to select regions or even objects with distinct proximity.


The marquee tool is usually used to select rectangular shaped objects or regions on the editing pane.


A vector tool is a directional-based tool for selecting portions or objects on the photo editing canvas.


This has to do with the density of color and using it effectively to achieve a photo edit project successfully.


Layers can also mean a canvas sheet where a photo editor uses as the base their work and many layers can be added with blending effects to perfect every photo editing project. 


Every editing software comes with an edge detector tool which sometimes uses the marching ants technology to allowers to be able to manipulate photo borders effectively.


Most graphics software usually come preloaded with a photo resizing and compression tool. This allows photo editors to change the overall size and quality of photos this process can also be called photo scaling.

photo editor image editing selfe camera android photograph edit app

Android smartphone users can now tap into the massive power that comes with the world's most popular operating system to achieve perfect photo editing feats on their Android-powered smartphones. Listed below are the top 5 free-to-use Android Apps for photo editing.


Adobe's official photo editing App, the Photoshop Express, is one the leading photo editor Apps for Android trending on the Google Play Store today.  An 'Editor's Choice' App, the Photoshop Express is one that allows for users to quite easily edit their photos in a DIY fashion on-the-go. A replica of the computer version of Photoshop CC, the App also exhibits the same feature, power, and functionality, while it can be synced across various photo editing platforms with an instant save function to Adobe Creative Cloud. The App comes ready with loads of filters and photo effects for users to choose from, which uses can use other functions like the auto-fix, blemish removal, rendering engine, photo frames and unwanted grain eradication.


The PhotoDirector is Cyberlink's official photo editor app. The App makes photos shot on users smartphones to turn out as if they were shot with professional cameras, with its hi-def camera enhancer in-app add-on. The App can also turn photos into professional-quality artwork masterpieces. The App comes handy with photo powerful filters and effects for users to achieve perfect photo editing finishes. Users can set their Apps to edit live on-the-go as users take camera shots. With the PhotoDirector App users can effectively work with a couple of in-app layer tools which allows users to merge multiple photos with its powerful blender tool which allows pallettes to sync and render as one whole perfect job. Users can also sync their projects across other graphics editing platforms for convenience and if necessary.


The PicsArt Photo Studio App boasts of over 450 million installs till date. The App comes handy with multiple canvases or layers for users to utilize as photo editing palettes. Handy with numerous filters, the App also allows uses its effects bank for them to choose for their photo editing projects. The PicsArt photo studio also comes with drawing, ellipse, collage tools and a photo remodeling and rendering engine which allows users the power to achieve perfect photo editing jobs under a very remarkable time. The App also allows users the levity to remix photos, a powerful in-app camera that comes with a hi-def res. setting suitable for users with low-end cameras. Users can work on an array of layers which they can merge together to achieve a perfect project using the App's blending tool.


The Cymera App is a powerful photo editing App which boasts of more than a thousand filters and effects for users to choose from. The App comes with an in-built skin analyzer, makeup and makeover feature which allows users to effectively take off stretchmarks, red-eye, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. Users might find the 7 in-app camera lenses quite useful as photo taking in so many could take a more professional turn. With an interactive easy-to-use interface, the App is well suitable for both newbie and professional photo editors alike. Users can use the watermark function to copyright their photos while the App allows users to onscreen change their head and body shape to whatever trim figure they wish. The Cymera App comes with support for over 12 languages worldwide. The App comes with handwritten and brush tools for on-the-go touch and retouching of photos.


A product of Meitu Technology Developers, the BeautyPlus photo editing App is one immense popularity as the App boasts of over 400 million users globally. The BeautyPlus App comes with a rather user-friendly and easy-to-use interface which newbies can find extremely useful. Professionally the App comes with a powerful AnimeCam which all users to on-the-go take animated selfies and photos which can be automatically transformed to collages. Users can surrealistically use the numerous in-app filters and effects to achieve the new tech phrase Augmented Reality. Complete with skin editor, facial detect/remodeling, auto-retouch, magic brush, background blur, in-app tips and guidelines for users to gain mastery of the App with a pretty short period of time.

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