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dialer free apk app google play store launcher analyst

Android smartphone usage has widely drifted away from traditional apps. 

For so many reasons, Android OS users on the purchase or first use of their smartphones usually head straight to the
Google Play Store to get trending Apps to replace those pre-installed by the manufacturer. Usually, Android smartphone users end up practically turning their phones inside out by replacing most or in some cases all category of pre-installed manufacturer Apps. One basic function of every mobile phone is to make and receiver calls although this function does apply to a few tablet smartphones which sometimes are specifically designed for internet, document and entertainment uses only.

dialer free apk app google play store launcher analyst

For every Android-powered smartphone that can make and receive calls, certain Apps (away from the pre-installed manufacturer phonebook and contact feature that comes originally with the smartphone) have been designed to sometimes offer 3-in-1 (phonebook, dialer, and contact) or even more features for users to get the most out of. These range of Apps called dialers are mostly trendy, sleek and most times are designed to optimized RAM space as they use little or no disk space while in use or functioning in the background. Some dialers even function way beyond traditional Android-OS-programmed dialers as they sometimes offer caller ID functions, Spam blocking, and even call recording functions all in one App.

dialer free apk app google play store launcher analyst

Listed below are 5 of the best free-to-use dialer Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


Leading the pack of free-to-use dialer Android Apps on the Google Play Store is Drupe. A multi-functional smartphone utility tool, the Drupe App aside from just being used to make and receive calls, is a smart-look all-in-1 call dialer, recorder, contact, spam blocker, caller ID, and phonebook. The App comes with a user-friendly interactive design for users to find their way around quite easily while it supports multiple languages for use worldwide. Users can add stylish GIF's to their outgoing calls, organize both their contact list effortlessly, caller ID tracking for calls, SMS and WhatsApp, and pre-installed auto recorder (ACR) for all incoming and outgoing calls.


Ranked as one of the most popular dialer Apps in the world, Truecaller boasts of over 250 million users worldwide. The Truecaller App is more popular for its caller ID tracking than its call dialer function. This powerful App stands as an authority in the class of dialer Apps on the Google Play Store which tracks unknown callers. Truecaller App users can unmask all unknown call while enjoying on-the-go flash messaging features. Truecaller App users have the leverage of also monitoring and tracking all communication on their calls, SMS and WhatsApp platforms. using the inbuilt call dialer on the Truecaller App can be lots of fun as users can aside from enjoying a smooth call dialer function, they can get alerts on what free time to call friends or family who missed their call. Aside from being multilingual, the Truecaller App offers dual SIM support. The Truecaller App auto-blocks spam calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages thereby offering users a clean, smooth and cumberless use.


Official dialer App for Android from ASUS Computer developers, The ZenUI is an all-in-1 utility tool that functions as a call/SMS spam blocker, dialer, phonebook, call ID and password protect for calls and SMS. The unique feature of the ZenUI App is its advanced security protection system which wards off unwanted access to users call log, SMS, and contact list. The App comes with various classy themes for users to choose from in-app.

4. DIALER +:

A product of the Contact Plus developers team, the Dialer + App is one dialer tool that also serves as an App Launcher. The Dialer + App is designed for call dialing, spam blocking, social networking, backup, sync and restore tool for users contacts, call logs and messages. Dialer+ users can to whatever level customize the App to suit their personal needs and usage.


Super light-weight ExDialer App from ModooHut developers, this t9 algorithm-based dialer utility tool for Android comes in over 30 languages. The App comes with a user-friendly interface which offers users a range of classy themes including powerful plug-ins for them to choose from. The ExDialer App allows users to block spam calls and SMS, dialer function, call logging, and a well organized and easy to manage phonebook and contact list.

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