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For every child between five weeks and thirteen years of age, an integral aspect of their developmental process is childcare. Also known as child minding, childcare can be termed as keeping a close watch and giving affectionate
care to a growing child between the ages listed above. Childcare is a pretty large subject matter which cuts across nannies, daycare centers, teachers, babysitters, even the socio-cultural and psychological process of child development. 

This article will predominantly base around personal training processes of a child under a guardian or parent. Basically a parent or guardian is expected to provide nutrition, accommodation, education, and care for their growing child and at this very tender stage in the child's development, explicit training is required via verbal directives to streamline the child's behavior to adapt adhesively with society hence the call for a close-up monitoring of the growing child.

Rated as the world's most popular operating system, Android-powered smartphone users who are parents or guardians of young children undergoing development can use their phones to garner more knowledge and actually get hands-on tips, tutorials and share experiences on childcare.

Listed below are 5 of the best childcare Android Apps on the Google Play Store.


One of the pioneer Child development training Android Apps, the KidizzApp is designed to aid in the proper and adequate dissemination of a no-holds-barred child development training program to parents, guardians, child caregivers, daycare centers, kindergartens, babysitters, nannies, and preschool. 

The App also acts as a communication tool for parents and childcare professionals who handle and supervise their children on a day-to-day basis. More like a social network of like minds both parents and child caregivers from various parts of the world can connect to share day-to-day experiences. The App works on a very securely encrypted channel and allows users to share photos and messages without fear of being compromised. Users can access a wealth of knowledge on child development and training tutorials in-app. The App comes with a user-friendly interactive interface for users to easily find their way around stress and hassle-free.


 The Learning Genie For Childcare App is a child development tool designed for the specific use of parents, guardians, preschool teachers, nannies, babysitters, and childcare centers enhance and broaden their child development training knowledge-base. 

The App comes with daily in-app and email reminders for basic childcare to-do activities. The App also acts as a motivational tool to spur parent in the direction of in-house intensive learning and training via illustrative in-app educational ebooks, songs, photos and even videos. The App comes with portfolio tagging to caregivers to personal their child development training process by allowing them to be able to track and closely monitor children's progress. Users can access the App even in offline mode for those with little or no access to the internet. The App can be synced to other devices while users can access in-app features and data on their PC via the Learning Genie website. Daily reports on the step by step progress of children are delivered to both parents, guardians, and caregivers via either in-app or via email which can be downloaded in PDF form.


The Child Care children developmental training App from Sun Media Soft developers is a rather very simple interface childcare training App which provides users with childcare tips and tutorials ranging from:

Breastfeeding (ABC)
Milk teething
Infant artificial diet program
Infancy and Childhood hygiene
Baby growth
Milk deficiency
Disease detection in infants

Parents, guardians and child caregivers have a lot of learning from the Child Care App as it is a rather powerful information tool to broaden the scope of its users.


MyKidzDay is one powerful tool specifically designed as a back-office space for child caregivers and parents to link up and shares the day-to-day experiences of children under child developmental training. The App offers users the power to utilize its daily report system to catch up on the day-to-day experience of their children while growing up thereby allowing them to know what path to tow in the child training process. With the in-app daily sheets, nannies, daycare centers, and babysitters can altogether send parents a well-detailed analysis report on their child's daily development. The App via its email newsletters allows for lesson plans, schedules, notifications, and photos on child development to be shared with parents, guardians and caregivers emails to enhance their knowledge-base.


Specifically designed for new parents, the Childcare Tips App is a very helpful tool even for expectant parents who want to garner knowledge on what to expect during their children's growth and what paths to take in training them. 

With a 24/7 support system, parents can contact the in-app support center during emergencies or if they need a more interactive experience. Child development training could be loads of fun if parents have adequate knowledge of the subject which a the Childcare Tips App one very handy tool for parents and guardians alike. The App can also be used by babysitters, daycare centers, nannies and other child caregivers as advanced childcare tutorials and tips, interview sheet, activity list, child development training to-do checklist, and incisive information on child nutrition, safety, hygiene, and health.

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