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black friday cyber monday small business saturday christmas giving tuesday boxing day thanksgiving

Online shoppers are well acquainted with the term BLACK FRIDAY as they look forward ardently to this day every year. 

Black Friday is the day after the popular
U.S holiday called 'Thanksgiving' which holds every fourth Thursday of November annually.

Black Friday, every year, comes with loads of product price slashes online and shoppers who frequent web-stores and online retail outlets take advantage of the massive discount sales and promotional offers that come with the big day just like its counterpart CYBER MONDAY.

black friday cyber monday small business saturday christmas giving tuesday boxing day thanksgiving

As Black Friday turns out to be quite an awesome day for online buyers and shoppers, so also is the day an equally very big one for online retailers and marketers too, as they look forward to making massive sales based on the high volume of traffic this day presents and profit on turnover is the bane of this day for online marketers and retailers alike. 

Profit margins soar incredibly every BLACK FRIDAY as shoppers seize the opportunity to exhaust every mouth-watering promotional offer that comes in sight online.

In turn, this has made every Black Friday since 2005, the busiest shopping and highest sales turnover day every year. Online retailers worldwide have attested to a shortage of products right after every Black Friday annually owing to massive purchase power of online shoppers who deem it fit to even book down products after it is confirmed that they are out of stock. 

black friday cyber monday small business saturday christmas giving tuesday boxing day thanksgiving

Black Fridays to the online community is usually a massive build-up to the Christmas holidays and most online shoppers wait-in-check every year for this great shopping day to buy all they need for the coming Christmas and New Year festivities.

black friday cyber monday small business saturday christmas giving tuesday boxing day thanksgiving

Listed below are 5 of the best Android Apps for shoppers to get both discount coupons and awesome promotional offers on Black Friday, including Cyber Monday and Christmas.


One of the leading websites that allow online shoppers to save massively during and after Black Friday is, this website has been around for awhile and has certain unique services which come totally free for users to use and make the most of. Every year shoppers utilize both the Piggy Android and iOS Apps along with the website, to cut down on shopping costs during Black Friday. Piggy pays users via its cash back program to shop using the Piggy platform either on the web or mobile. The Piggy platform seamlessly syncs with over 2000 stores worldwide both online and offline. Users enjoy up to 20% discount while they shop using the Piggy platform and they get paid quarterly to shop using the cash back program. On signup, Piggy gifts users with a $5 welcome cash-gift and Piggy users get up to 70% discount on promotional sale offers during major festivities including Black Friday. Users get automatically generated coupons on any Piggy platform during use which is then used to cash-in on any and all ongoing promotional sale offers. The App comes with a friendly user interface and a lushly animated design to furnish users with a high-end interactive experience.


The AliExpress Shopping App is the official Android App of one of the world's leading online marketplaces, Alibaba. The App comes handy with cash back incentives for users including discount sale coupons and promotional offers for users to cash in on while shopping during Black Friday every year. What users enjoy the most when using the Alibaba online marketplace service (which is also available while using its App) is that 75% of products on the Alibaba online marketplace either on the web or mobile are come with free shipping. All transactions on the AliExpress Shopping App are both highly secured, protected and encrypted. The App is multilingual, which means users across the world can conveniently use the App with a language barrier while they can in-app directly transact with 8 major currencies from around the world. The Alibaba marketplace has been a favorite over the years for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even Christmas shoppers alike.

3. EBAY:

Known as one of the world's first online marketplaces that boasts of a tremendous dose of traffic every Black Friday, the took buying and selling online to yet another level by allowing for a more liberal approach while shopping online. The advent of advanced technologies, the Ebay Android App allows users to use their smartphone cameras as barcode scanners while the App can be used by a cross-section of people as it supports 9 languages globally. With the power to localize content for sale especially bringing into full swing the era of online auctioning of goods and services, through which both sellers and buyers were offered a platform where peer-to-peer trading did find it way to many localities using the Ebay online platform. Ebay users can use the App and its website during Black Friday to get quite amazing discount offers via coupons and awesome promotional pice-slash offers. Ebay during Black Friday offers users incredible auction services which most online shoppers always see to it that they get the most from.


The Amazon shopping App is the official App for the online marketplace, Amazon. An in-app shopping mall, the Amazon App comes handy with an awesome coupon service for discount sales and thrilling promotional sales offers on their wide range of products. The App comes with a highly secured channel that encrypts all transactions over a secured server. More like a network of online retail stores, Amazon allows users to compare promotional offers across a wide range of stores that fall under the Amazon online retail stores platform. The Amazon Android App automatically generates coupon codes for users during Black Friday or any other holiday shopping season like Cyber Monday and Christmas.


ICONSUMER is a useful shopping cart App that hints users in real-time on incredible discount promotional offers and coupon deals. It also provides users with gift cards and a residual earning opportunity as an affiliate marketer with a rare opportunity for users to shares of Stock as a shareholder. iConsumer Users can get on-the-go insight into what stores are offering the best deals on Black Friday globally. Quite a useful tool, the iConsumer App comes with a secure channel for its numerous users globally as all transactions are encrypted over a dedicated server. Basically, the App boasts of over 1700 stores in its network, offering users a wide option of comparing offers and deals while iConsumers pays users quarterly via its shopping spree cash back program on both Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Using the power of crowdfunding iConsumer will in no time become an authority in an order yet untapped, as iConsumer offers users an affiliate marketing model which allows users to own real stocks by inviting other people to use the platform.

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