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Sports involves all types of competition that needs physical activity to maintain, improve or achieve, it is also called games. Sports, most of the times are well organized but
other times are casual but aimed at

Sporting activities can be between two or more contesting sides, usually in a tussle to win a prize including soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, skiing, ice skating, While some are into sports just for the fun of it others go headlong into sporting activities to break records. Sporting activities surmise around exerting physical dexterity or athleticism, thereby making sporting activities to be ruled and controlled by set customs and laws, to maintain and encourage equity and fair play.

 Not leaving an important aspect of sporting which in normal context does not need any display or need for physical exertion, these types of games are called Mind sports and they include checkers (draughts), monopoly, chess, bridge, Ludo, scrabble and xiangqi. 

Sports, globally, is recognized as an engaging force that boasts of assembling the most number of people at a particular place usually for the sole purpose of entertainment and the sporting industry rakes in about $650 million annually.

Today, it is quite easy for sports fans and enthusiasts globally who own Android smartphones to easily access sporting news on-the-go from the convenience of their Android smartphone.


BBC Sport is the official Sporting news App of the British Broadcasting corporation. The App offers users on-the-go sporting news, highlights and live action including real-time scores. Users can modify their sport news notifications to suit their taste, while they enjoy the ability to both customize and discover new on-the-go sporting videos and headlines anywhere and anytime.

2. ESPN:

The ESPN App allows users access to on-the-go news coverage, scores, live streaming, and video highlights. The App also comes loaded with ESPN radio stations, podcasts, and live videos. Users can from the comfort of their smartphones watch live streams, get alerts of live events, shows and upcoming.


Eurosport offers users the leverage to access top-of-the-minutes live news, highlights, and scores. The App provides users with news headlines that are well compiled by its journal team with over 150 news articles daily.


The MSN Sports App is one of the best sporting highlights, live scores and sports schedule mobile tools on the Google Play Store. The App also offers an easy to understand interface that delivers up-to-date standings and sports schedules. The App also provides an on-the-go live sporting updates and interviews in real-time.


All Sports News is more like a hub for multiple sporting websites and its developers have taken time to coordinate all of these websites into a single simple interface App for easy access to sporting news, updates, and highlights.

6. 12UP:

Designed by Minute Media Developers, 12Up is one App that allows users to receive updated alerts and news stories. The App delivers schedules and real-time scores for users to get on-the-go access to the latest sporting news information.


The Sport News App delivers the latest sporting news, highlights and instant live sporting feed to users Android smartphones.

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