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Today's world is basically run on the premise of the exchange of money for both goods and service. Finance, being the scientific method to manage and control the flow of money, this article deals
primarily with how folks today can manage their finances from the very convenience of their Android powered mobile smartphones and tablets.

Today's world revolves around the basic concept of man's survival through the ages which is exchange for survival or barter. Humanity moved past the barter age to a period where one could use an item(s) to place value on goods and services either for sale or to be purchased. This exchange in present times is usually money.

Widely known as any and all items or accredited record that is widely and globally accepted as payment for both goods, commodities and services, money is also used as an exchange to pay off debts no matter how large. 

Intangible is the fact that the growth of money drives the modern man to think passionately about it driving him to work very hard, in most cases all their lives for it which in some cadres is termed as the money illusion.

Being a medium of financial exchange and a standard of global value, money is the one power that controls purchasing power. In contemporary times money has served four major purposes, namely:
  • Money is today seen as a unit of deferred payments.
  • Money today is the basic medium of exchange.
  • Money in today's world is seen as the fundamental store of value.
  • Money is also the basic unit of account.

To grow and make money stronger, finance comes into the picture. Financial put simply is managing, saving, circulating, credit and investment of money. Finance being the scientific method and process of managing money deals with all the imbalances, risks and uncertainties that comes with the massive day to day exchange of money globally. With a well grounded idea into what money and finance is, attention will move to how smartphones can benefit the modern day man immensely in relation to money. It is no myth that the Android Operating System stands today as the most used OS globally. The Android OS today stands as the most popular mobile phone Operating System in use today because of a few features that will be discuss in this article. The Android OS has both a low freeze and crash rate, while it is fluid, versatile and interactive in nature.

The Android OS is easy to use and personalize, a user does not have to be developer or programmer to be able to customize or personalize certain feature quite different from what originally came from the smartphone manufacturers.

Today, smartphones are competent enough to manage and interact with their users in the area of finance. With an array of Apps that have been proven over time to adequately manage and plan Android users financial daily living. Day-to-day existence, we can agree, has become a whole lot easier.

Below is a list of 10 powerful Android Apps that can in full capacity manage and prosper the finances of users, even help pay off debts in no time; They are:


Stands as one of the highest rated and most download budget/finance management apps for Android. The app makes a good job out of piecing together and recording analytically users income and expenses using their recurring transactions. The app is also designed to both predict and track users expenses and balances with innovative graphs and charts. It works in both online and offline modes allowing users to enjoy budget planning, finance management and a detailed guide to debt repayment on the go and without internet access. With its comprehensive view panes, users can adequately personalize their usage experience and create multiple accounts linking their banks, financial institutions, stores and cards.


With security as its watchword the Zenmoney app handles users financial management and budgeting rather with ease. Top rated on the App store Zenmoney automatically tracks users expenses. A unique feature about the app is its capability to track finance related SMS on users smartphone to create an in-app record keeping automatically. Because of its longstanding track record (first released for download on Google Play Store in 2010) Zenmoney has been translated to all major languages worldwide to afford its global users the opportunity to enjoy its services anywhere. The app incorporates the tracking and management of users': cards (Loyalty, debit, credit and rewards), cash, debts, deposits, checking, domiciliary and savings bank accounts, retirement savings and investments.


This app allows its users to create, edit and create their own categories apart from the default. The app is linked to major banks around the world so that users can receive alert or transaction notification directly on the app. Clevmoney also has ties with major stores which allows users to compare prices on the go either online or offline with no internet access. It suggests budget planning options i.e weekly, month or yearly with a plan to go with each an every of these time frames. With a well detailed analytical chart and graphic display, users find it easy to get up to speed with their financial data in little or no time. The app manages both expenses and incomes of users' systematically breaking them into categories and subs. Clevmoney scans through incoming SMS, Push Message and MMS to add financial records to its database.


Top rated on Google Play Store this app makes managing one's personal finance look and feel very easy. With an interactive platform, the app goes beyond managing personal finances to achieving other complex tasks for users' with small scale businesses or a small-sized organization.
The app offers the following key features to its users':

  • Double entry book-keeping accounting system application.
  • Expense and budget planning/management
  • Passcode security authentication
  • Card Management (Credit, Debit, Loyalty and Reward)
  • Direct cash debit, transfer and recurrence analysis.
  • Among other functions, most of which can work both online and offline.


With an intutive and user friendly interface, this app pays more attention on how users can easily interact with the onscreen functions on the app. It always users to export their reports in a professional CSV format for printing and hardcopy safekeeping. It guides users who are in financial debts on how to walk out of their situation just with a couple  of clicks and swipes on their smartphones. Users are allowed to create, assign, edit and delete their own categories and sub-categories at their own discretion. My Finances allows its users the leverage to add their bank account details including cards (Loyalty, Debit, Credit and Reward), stores and other financial institutions for easy tracking of expenses and transactions. Users are allowed to operate multiple accounts on the app, which is nothing of a worry as the app runs its own passcode function.


The is a new-dimension-app to saving and managing money as its developers has added a more addictive turn to it, gaming. The Fortune City app is more like a gaming console on users Android powered smartphones which allows a full fledged book-keeping and finance management application easy to use and navigate. The app is a simulation game with blend real-life accounting personal accounting practice with the fun-city gaming platform. Users can personalize all features to suit their financial management and budget planning needs. The app tracks all users expenses and income while it suggests viable option for users to grow their money meaningfully. If users are in any form of debt be it small, big, loans or mortgage, the app is designed to guide and help users over a period of timke become debt free. Although the Fortune City app incorporates the use of pie-charts and graphs, such analysis are easy to comprehend as its interactive features sheds light on shady areas in record time.


A personal finance app that intuitively enables its users to grow their finance from scratch, especially those in idebt related situations. The app allow multiple accounts and transfers with a passcode security authentication feature. Andromoney also incorporates the Dropbox and Google Docs Cloud Server platform for users to easily backup and restore their data safely from. Offering an online currency converter, transactions can be carried out in over 150 currencies worldwide. Users can add their cards, banks and store for easily one click tracking of both income and expenses. Use can enjoy budget planning suggestions and incisive step-by-step guide on how to pay off debts and loans, while also saving for retirement, travel, business, education or marriage.


This one app which comes with a very classy design. Its intuitive budget and expense planner allows users to easily and wisely take financial decisions while using the app. Categories and subs are editable if users do not find the default settings convenient. Its designed to pop up on lockscreen once notifications popup. Monefy runs on its own dedicated server which allows users to sync all their data directly to its server and not to a third party, although also this function is available as an option for users who own Dropbox accounts. With a wide range of default currencies on its list, users can conveniently choose to carry out or receive transactions via the app. The app come with a nice detailed chart, graph and spreadsheet function that keep its users abreast of their financial reports analytically. Expense and income reports are added automatically and users can manage their cards be it reward, loyalty, debit or credit without hassles.


BudgetBakers Wallet delivers to its users on the second bank updates, it also allows users to compare prices on various online stores before they spend a dime. Wallet is specifically designed to aid its users climb to the fullest capability financially by first tackling their debt situation if there is any. The app comes with a budget planner that spans between a month to as longs as a 10-year-period. Developers of the app who were particularly concerned about users having absolute control over their finances, have fitted it with functions that will set users on a financial freedom pedestal. The app is fitted with flexible budgets plans and allows for multiple accounts including account sharing. Designed to adequately manage users Cheques, cards, online stores and financial institutions, the Wallet from BudgetBakers is more or less among the first to save its users the stress of typing card details, users only have to upload all cards with the in-app barcode scanner.


More like any other finance management app, Mobills comes with a unique bill payment reminder function that prompts users to pay bills when due. The app tracks income and expenses while makes it compulsory for users to stick to at-least one of its budget plans. With a rather very simple interface, the Mobills app works both online and offline, allowing users to access their financial information with or with internet connectivity on the go. The app also assists users to get out of debt with its versatile financial consult service and help users over a period of time pay off their debts and loans.

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