Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Globetrotting has taken yet another dimension with the advent of the internet. Flight reservations are now booked online and the ease this comes with has made even the farthest part in the world just a finger-touch away.
The Asian market is becoming one of the world's most visited sites as the yellow-skinned folks have through a dint of hard work and ingenuity used technology to turn around their once severe hardship into a prosperous new world. 

China which is in heartland Asia, has a rich cultural and historical background with the world tapping into these vast potentials including the fabled Chinese medical secrets which are now finding their way into the mainstream order of today's world; before now China was a no go area hereby making China a Mecca of sorts as all roads lead to the overly populated country which has afforded itself the respect of the world as it boasts of being a world power.
The Chinese government in its full communist potentials has built as very strong and virile military which ensures the security of its borders and the advent of new markets in China has seen its once impoverished populace brim over with life as the strong Chinese workforce are engaged as labor (though most times cheap) in several manufacturing conglomerates that had to shift their bases down to the country.

 China itself has over the decades developed its economy infra-structurally and financially which has rebuilt the once flourishing Communist empire. Many Nigerians now travel quite frequently to China on business trips and this article is to help the average travelers on how to go about sourcing for the cheapest deals on airfare to the Country best known for its massive ancient walls, medicine and its Forbidden City.

The trip from Lagos to Guangzhou approximately takes 15 hours 55 minutes directly flight, but most airlines would rather stop over at different countries before landing at Guangzhou which takes 35 to 40 hours. Folks wishing to travel to China from Lagos can now enjoy the convenience of booking their flights online. Below is a list of Airlines which ply the Lagos to China route on a regular basis as it is up to travelers to check updates and airlines that frequent which cities of their choice:

  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian
  • KLM
  • Kenya
  • Egyptair
  • Qatar
  • Turkish
  • Kenya

Below is a list of the cheapest fares to the major cities in China (note that prices may vary unconditionally as the prices below are to provide travelers with a peripheral idea costing idea)

Lagos to Guanzhou - N285,027
Lagos to Beijing - N267,347
Lagos to Shanghai - N501,488

Below is a list of the cheapest most reliable online flight booking agencies to patronize if and when travelling to China:

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