Friday, September 15, 2017


Veteran rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, speaking to LIB in a recent chit-chat which bothered on his famous feud with American rapper 50 Cent. A mild drama unfolded some 13 years ago when U.S rapper 50 Cent, who was billed to headline that year's annual Star Mega Jam got the shocker of his life as Nigerian rapper Eeedris Abdulkareem attempted to sit on the seat reserved for 50 Cent on an ADC airlines plane enroute Lagos to Port Harcourt. Eedris in the end was prevented from seating on 50 Cent's seat but the action had a ripple effect which developed into very bitter feud of words. 

Eedris who justified his action claiming he was protesting the unfair treatment concert and tour organizers doled out to local music artistes compared to the VIP treatment given to foreign artistes. 

The beef he said gained the local Nigerian music artiste a higher level of respect in the music industry by the corporate world. 

The feud was quelled 3 years later and both parties came to peaceful terms with Eedris tendering a non-reserved apology which was accepted by 50 Cent and both made up at that year's KORA Awards which again brought 50 Cent to Nigeria to perform. 

He had the following to say:

"When I was on the plane with 50, and he asked me to get the hell out of his seat. I said no, this is Nigeria, this is my country.
He can’t come here and tell me shit, that isn’t gonna happen. That was the revolution that got every artistes respected in the Nigerian industry and it took them all over the country.
That was the defending moment for the Nigerian artistes, I can remember at the back stage, Psquare was sent away, a couple of people were also sent a way and I wasn’t happy about it.
But moving forward, I’m happy for the Nigerian Industry and am happy with everything that’s happening today."

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