Monday, September 18, 2017


What most folks out there do not know is that the fashion world is not only about the flashlights, cameras, paparazzi, models and textiles. 

The fashion cuts way beyond all the external flashiness, the fashion world in true life also entails a deep level of academic study, sometime rigorous. Be it in Fashion writing, business, promotions, management, modelling or even designing. Many higher institutions of learning now offer fashion related studies for student to study and get certified as fashion world entrepreneurs in their various fields. With the proper certification, graduate students of fashion related studies stand a higher chance of being at the top of the industry chain. Ranked as one of the top three most comfortable and thriving cities in the world, Canada boasts of having some of the best fashion institutes in the world. International students who wish to study in the Anglo-Francophone country have the levity of being certified by some the world's most renown fashion institutes with lecturers that are the bests in their various fields. The following three (3) Canadian tertiary institutions of higher learning offer fashion related curriculum to prospective students who are willing to be certified in the fashion world and they are ranked among the best. Listed below also are the tuition fees and course duration of each program.

Situated in downtown Toronto the school offers a Fashion Design or Fashion Communication Bachelor of Design and Masters of Art programmes. Duration is Full-time 4 years (Bachelor) and Full-time 2 years (Masters of Art). Tuition fee ranges from $27462 (4 year Bachelor) and $30707 (Masters of Art)

The popular Academy of Design is located at Toronto and Ontario. Programs offered by the reputable fashion institute include, Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Diploma and Fashion Design Diploma. Program duration for both programs last 3 years in length while the tuition for the programs are $27,850.

Located in the Richmond area of British Columbia, the school offers the following programs: Fashion Marketing Diploma and Fashion & Technology Bachelor of Design. Program durations are 2 years for the diploma program and 4 years for the Bachelor of Design program. Cost is per course not for the whole program. The cost for a three credit course is around $350.

Prospective students entry requirements:

Prospective students wishing to pursue to study in any fashion school in Canada must have it at the back of their mind that other than meeting admission requirements for their fashion institute of choice, students must also sit for and pass the IELS test (Enlish Test for International Students). All candidates wishing to apply for study in Canadian fashion institutes should bear it in mind that:

  • Visit the institute of choice's website.
  • Download and fill the entry form from the website, either online or offline.
  • If online click submit on the website to forward the form to the appropriate authorities for scrutiny. If downloaded and filled, hard-copy filled forms should be sent by post to the school's admissions office in Canada awaiting reply.
  • If prospective candidates get accepted to study, the university will issue an acceptance letter either by email or by Post.
  • After this, the candidate is free to begin Visa processing.

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