Friday, September 15, 2017


Music being a rather complex and intricately exciting part of our world, we humans see music as a mere simple part of our day-to-day existence etched into our physical world. 

What most people do not know is that music is even more complex when seen through the eyes of both mathematics and prevailing laws of physics, although in simplified terms its only but some sound waves preened to various frequencies which combine to give-out harmoniously coordinated melodies which become quite soothing and enjoyable in the end. 

To delved soul-long into the unfathomable realm of music, one has to be conscious of the workings of the physical world, in connection to the teaching of biology which all work closely with the complexities involved within the atomic and molecular structures of physics. 

With that being said, music is a whole wide range of advanced study that does not end at the door-steps of just being able to voice-control, use one or two softwares to produce organized sounds or maybe give a stunning stage performance, this article goes a step further to reveal a dozen stunning facts about music.


1. Music as a drug, triggers a string of activities in the exact same spot where the brain releases 'Dopamine' (The Pleasure Chemical).
2. cows become more productive when they listen to relaxing music, they double or sometimes triple their milk production when in a perfectly relaxed state of mind via soothing music.
3. On whatever platform of music sale transaction, either from record sales, to playing gigs or copyright usage; a musician makes an average $23 on every $1000 of music sold.
4. Originally, the lyrics of our all-time popular birthday song were 'GOOD MORNING TO YOU' not 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'
5. When exposed to constant music, flowers grow more radiantly and faster.
6. As a music lover, the type of music a person listens to on a regular basis, affects their general perception of the universe be it sorrowful or pleasurable etc.
7. A recent research has shown that rock stars die 25 years younger than an average person, in actual reality, rock stars do die young.
8. While working out, listening to one's favourite music playlist has over time shown to improve psychological and physical performance.
9. Human beings tend to link their favourite song(s) to a deeply emotional happening in their life-cycle.
10. Talikng of mechanical rights or music royalties, the reason you will never for any reason hear the popular 'Happy Birthday Song' in any movies or on Live Television is that one must pay to use the song publicly, as Warner Bros collects over $2.5 million in royalties annually.
11. Very loud music can stimulate a person to consume a pretty large amount of alcohol under a very short time.
12. From the inside, music can either make or mar a person, the human heart has to re-adjust itself when a new type of music comes on.

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