Friday, August 25, 2017


World famous singer, Taylor Swift, from the look of her social media handles has deleted many of her posts, profile pictures and photos. What we out here are not sure of is why she has gone this length or whether this action of her's is for real or only a stunt.
The US singer who is one of social media's
most popular celebrities and also one of the most followed on Twitter, has without any tangibly known reason wiped out posts which have dated back to as far back as 2010. All her Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook posts have been deleted and profile pictures taken down.

The International award winning singer has grossed a massive 85 million Twitter followers and more that 102 million Instagram followers making her one of the most followed celebrities on social media. Other school of thoughts have surmissed if the 27 year old singer's social media handles have ben hacked, as this shocking news comes just days after she won a landslide legal victory against DJ David Mueller who was found guilty of groping the Swift during a photo shoot session.

The celeb DJ had earlier accused Taylor Swift of being behind his dismissal from the radio station he worked at as he said she slandered him to the authorities. The feud became deeper when she sued DJ Mueller in a civil lawsuit, accusing him of groping her during a backstage photo shoot with fans and guests before a concert in 2013. During the trial which won her her famous victory at Denver, Colorado, her testimony opened up bit by bit in an emotional torrent how the celeb DJ assaulted her sexually. Social media which was one of Swift's main windows to talking to the world, has been shut as she has not revealed why she went on such action to the press.

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