Monday, August 28, 2017


Following the ensuing feud that was on between controversial blogger and daughter of Oyo state ex-Governor, Kemi Olunloyo, and popular Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, a peace pact
has been reached finally. The beef which cause so much bitter and heated words to fly around between the duo online started when Kemi called Seyi's daughter Obese.

 It was Kemi who took the bull by the horn as it was she who started the row to end it once and for all, as she release a video to that effect.

“#Tiwagate is OVER!

Special message for Tiwa @seyilaw1’s daughter. Seyi blocked me after the beef started yet he talks about me to all media and I can’t read his postings about me except too many tagging me.
Seyi you are now free to go in peace. May God bless Tiwa. She will read this one day. When I become 73yo, she will be 20yo on the internet. I will not taint her childhood with bickering and hate. I respect myself as a social critic. Nigerians do not understand that concept asking a Journalist to contact celebrities privately. It is not done. We use public figures to illustrate many things. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease and more. It will not be in your portion IJN. God Bless you baby Tiwa Alatile. I made you famous and proud of you. #girlpower.

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