Sunday, August 20, 2017


Popular Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia took to her Instagram page to eulogize her socialite friend,
Freda Francis.

Freda a close family friend to the Idibias recently welcomed a boy child in the U.S whom she christened Alexander.

'So So Beautiful..  @fredafrancis
My Oyinbo Twinny Is Now A MamaBoo They Isnt Any LOVE like the love you feel in your Heart and Soul When You look At Your Child.. It Amazing… Notting Like You Have Ever Felt Before..The Best Kind Of Feeling In The Entire World… Oh My.. Can’t Wait To See And Hold Your Lil King “our diamond baby” Fredaaaaa I Already knew You Would Make A Great Mom,From The Way You Are With My Kids The Love You Always Show Them n Even Other Kids Too..So Thankful To God That You Have Yours Now.. Welcome To Motherhood,A World Filled With So Much Surprises As He Begins 2 Yawn, Cry, Smile Laugh, Crawl, Sits , Talk And grow..
God Bless King Alex.. Hurry home “make we do The #gagashuffle dance with Alex.'

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