Monday, March 27, 2017


What the world did not know about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard divorce saga was that even if Johnny was abusive which he denied vehemently, Amber nurtured her own side for a pretty long time, say over 7 years. The 30-year-old actress was always a lesbian even under the roof of the 'Captain of the Carribbean' star, although she had never tried to hide her bi-sexual orientation.

Heard's lesbian-side has come to the fore now as movie producers in Hollywood want her to feature in a top rated same-sex movie about to be shot soon. Going on the contrary, her management team have fought against the deal saying it is a Waterloo-trap in disguise, as the movie-deal will mean an end to her acting career. Revealing her status to the Press, she said: "I started to understand why so many people studio execs, directors, advisers, agents, producers,  why everyone was so adamant about this not being the label that comes before my name. I quickly became, not actress Amber Heard, but out lesbian Amber Heard" she revealed.