Tuesday, January 24, 2017


January 13th marked an historic date in the life of millions of Nigerians who invested their money in the ponzi scheme called MMM. Before the said date a one month freeze had been placed on all monies in the MMM beginning from Dec. 13. Yes the monies got unfrozen but MMM participants could not till date withdraw their stuck cash. Their is always a way where there is a will, which has prompted geeks to look into finding a solution to the problem and the solution to getting out all invested monies in MMM is to GetHelp(GH) using Bitcoins. To cash out on MMM using bitcoins one has to setup a bitcoins wallet using www.blockchain.info afterwhich one picksup the wallet address and adds it to the MMM bank accounts as a BTC account. Requesting to GH using bitcoins is the surest way of withdrawing one's money from MMM as pairing or matching occurs almost immediately and participants using bitcoins actually Provide Help (PH) and pay to participants who need to GH.

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